Photo by Cottonbro from Pexels

m sure you have heard these words, “The virus is just a hoax!”

“It is not real.”

“I can’t breathe with it on”

“ We just have to learn to live with it!”
And even,
“There’s no proof a mask will protect you from the virus.”

So, my question…

photo by Steve Buissime from Pixabay

ell, here’s the ‘skinny’ on Vitamins:

Folks, if you are one of those skeptics who say vitamins are over-rated…🤨

Ok…I feel ‘ya!

Or, how ‘bout the educated “nay sayers?” They say vitamins are just a “get-rich-quick” scheme!🤑

Maybe yes, Maybe no…

And then, there are those asking, “who came up…

Randi King

A native Texan, I have lived in California for a number of years.😎 To my teenager, California is home. My family’s history is one of longevity.

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